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We appreciate your interest in Barron County Parks Reservations! To place a reservation, please enter a Check-In and Check-Out date and the number of people in your party.

You will have 15 minutes to complete your reservation. Please have your Credit Card ready before continuing.

Reservation Instructions
CAMPSITE REGISTRATION POLICIES: All camping parties must obtain a camping permit and pay the established fee before setting up the camping unit.

1. A camping party is any family, individual group, or organized juvenile group occupying a campsite.
  • Family - means a parent or parents with their unmarried dependent children.
  • Individual Group - means a camping party of not more than four persons occupying not more than one camping unit.
  • Organized Juvenile Group - means a group made up of juvenile members of an established organization and under the leadership of at least one competent, mature adult for each ten juveniles in the group
2. The camping leader who reserves a campsite must be at least 18 years of age.

3. Only one camping unit (tent, trailer, etc.) shall occupy a single campsite unless approved by the park attendant

4. Only one additional camping unit (tent, trailer, etc.) shall occupy a single campsite if approved by the park attendant.

5. Each camping unit must pay the established site fee, plus a fee for any additional unit occupying the same campsite.

Exceptions to 3, 4 & 5 above may be approved by the park attendant for those camping parties that meet the definition of "Family" or "Organized Juvenile Group".

Maximum length of stay on any one campsite is 30 days, at which time the camping party must either move to a different campsite or vacate the park.

Normal campsite check-in and check-out time is 11:00 am.

Camping permits expire at 11:00 am on the last day of the permit period (check out time).Check with caretaker if you must stay past the checkout time

Camping permit extensions must be obtained prior to 11:00 a.m. on the expiration date of the permit. Extensions are not guaranteed since the campsite may have been reserved by a second camping party.

No cash refunds shall be given on camping permits.


On-line Processing is available at On-line reservations require the use of a credit card. The cardholder name and address must match the name and address used when setting up your reservation account. Both the camping fees and reservation fees are charged to the credit card immediately upon making a reservation. 

Advance Booking may be made starting January 1 of each year. No reservation is confirmed until full payment for reservation fees and site fees have been made. A minimum 3 day reservation must be made for all holiday and Rutabaga weekends

Reservation Fee is $5.00 per reservation/per site and is not refundable. Again, both the camping fees and reservation fees are charged to the credit card immediately upon making a reservation.
Sites Available for Reservation: campsites #1 through #23are improved site with electric and water hookups and# T-1through #T-5 are tent camping only sites.

Reservation Limitations: No limit on the number of reservations to be made by any one individual, except that any one individual shall be limited to reserving a maximum of 2 campsites during the same time period. A separate reservation and associated reservation fee must be submitted for each campsite desired. The name listed on the camping receipt must be a member of the camping party that will occupy the site.

Occupancy: Reserved sites shall be identified with notices hung on campsite posts at least 1 day prior to the planned occupancy. If the campsite remains unoccupied by 11:00 am. on the day following the start of the reservation, the campsite shall be made available for first-come camping. All non-reservation campsite bookings must show occupancy at the time of registration.

* Required Field
Eagle Point Campground and Park - 1


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